Photo Structured Wiring
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Structured wiring can be considered the central nervous system of your home. This wiring allows you to integrate, distribute and/or operate a variety of systems and devices in your home, as well as enabling multi-room Internet access, audio and video capabilities.

Signal types such as cable/satellite television, telephones, Internet, and Ethernet computer networks are common examples. Structured wiring is best suited to new construction when the walls are still "open" however it is still a viable solution for an existing home that offers access to the desired rooms via an attic or basement.

Absolute Audio & Video uses Category 5 Enhanced (CAT5e) & RG-6 wiring in a "home run" style that connects each of the outlets in your home directly to the control panel (probably located in your utility room or basement) through an independent connection. When the CAT5e or RG-6 wiring is installed in this manner, it allows the individual components in your home to communicate more effectively through increased bandwidth which results in crystal clear phone and video signals and speedy Internet access.

While structured wiring is considered the central nervous system of your home, the panel (box in the utility room or basement) is considered the brain. Structured panels have several benefits:

  • Clean & Organized Look - They allow for a clean install of all the wiring once complete.

  • Configurability - With all of the cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel you can easily change how and what these individual cables are connected to and what they are used for.

  • Troubleshooting - Each of the cables can be individually isolated from the rest of them and tested for shorts and opens if need be.

  • No Splices - Splices are taboo because they are prone to failure and can pickup noise and interference and, quite simply, aren't needed here.

  • More Consistent Signal Quality - with all cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel they can all be connected to the same source and get the same signal level. You can easily avoid having some outlet passing through more splices or splitters than others.

Don't let new technology pass you by because your home isn't ready for it. Let Absolute Audio & Video install your structured wiring and you will have the piece of mind knowing that your new home will retain its value over the years and provide a pathway to access information today and in the future.