Photo Home Theater Design & Installation
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So how do you want your home theater to look, feel and sound? There are so many aspects to creating the perfect home theater, including acoustics, lighting, seating positions and integrated control. In addition, it's critical to select the appropriate components.

Many people today want their audio/video system to be unnoticed when not in use. You may want a TV that rises up from inside a bedside cabinet, or a TV installed in a wall or custom cabinet. Another option would be to have a screen that lowers from the ceiling or over a fireplace. The speakers can even be hidden in the walls, ceiling or disguised as fine art mounted on the walls. Another distinct option is to create a room that is specifically for theater use only, complete with luxurious row seating, movie posters and a popcorn machine!

Once your home theater is complete you will be able to sit down, relax in your favorite chair, select the movie you desire and with the touch of a button the lights lower, the drapes close, the movie screen descends and your surround sound system comes to life.

Absolute Audio & Video specializes in creating and installing home theater systems for any room and every budget. From the moment you discuss your intentions with us to the first experience you have with your finished system at home, you'll know you made the right choice.