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We understand vacuuming your home may never be fun, but we've discovered a way to make the time you spend vacuuming beneficial to you and your entire family. Absolute Audio and Video is an authorized dealer of VACUFLO Central Vacuum Systems - the only system featuring cyclonic filtration technology.

Benefits of VACUFLO Cyclonic Filtration Technology

Convenient: No big, heavy equipment to lug around. A lightweight flexible hose, wands, and attachments are all you need. Just plug the hose into the nearest VACUFLO inlet for easy and convenient cleaning.

Cost- Efficient: For about the same price as a premium upright or canister, you can have all the conveniences and advantages of a VACUFLO system in your new home. Plus, an installed VACUFLO system adds to the resale value of your home.

Health Benefit: A very important aspect of your home is the quality of the air you breathe. Indoor air pollutants like animal dander, dust mites, mold and pollen are a common cause of allergic conditions and other health problems. Using the right vacuum clean can significantly reduce your exposure to these airborne particles.

Powerful: Sustained cleaning power is the ability to maintain maximum cleaning power over time. The very first time you vacuum with a traditional system that has a bag or filter, there will be a measurable decrease in suction power and airflow as dirt and dust begin to accumulate. The VACUFLO system keeps working even as dirt collects in the dirt canister. The cyclonic power unit separates dirt from the airflow without bags or filters. In fact, 96-98% of all dirt swept into the system is deposited into the clear dirt canister. The remaining fine dust particles are exhausted outside.

Installing a central vacuum system

Central vacuum system installations are easier and less expensive when done as the house is being built, but can also be done in most existing houses. We suggest that, if building a new house, you have the hose inlets and PVC piping installed before the drywall is installed. Then when you are ready to add the main power unit and attachment kit the cost will be easier on your budget. If you decide to have a central vacuum system installed in your house, we will work with you to determine where the central power unit should be located, as well as the wall inlets (the location where you plug in the vacuum hose).