Photo Surveillance Cameras/CCTV
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In addition to your monitored security system, having Surveillance Cameras or a Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) system serve as a way to monitor activities at the office or around the house and also to provide a deterrent to crime.

Monitor the front door, the nursery, play areas, entrances, driveways, backyard, garage, and the pool - anywhere you can mount a camera. Home video surveillance allows you to monitor and record events in multiple areas of your home, thereby helping to prevent burglary, vandalism and theft.

Surveillance/CCTV systems come in either hardwired or wireless packages. Hardwired systems require the use of a cable that runs from the camera to the video monitor. Wireless systems require no cables, making them more economical. You can even record events while you're away using a standard consumer quality VCR with an 8 hour VHS cassette.

It's also easy to add two-way communication to a Surveillance/CCTV system. An optional outdoor audio intercom can be connected to the camera. The intercom has a "call" button, so it can be used as a doorbell. To speak from the video monitor, simply press and hold the "talk" button and then release to hear the reply from the person at the intercom.

If you want this added protection and peace of mind, discover how Absolute Alarms can help you achieve your home security goals. Contact our Sales Manager today!